Back Pain

There are many reasons that you may have back pain. Although we often just think of sciatic it could be a trapped nerve, tight muscle, displaced rib or vertebrae, sprained ligaments or kidney infection. Many of these we can help with massage, manipulation, laser, acupuncture and orthotics, but if you need a referral we will let you know.

We are keen not only to get you out of pain but to help you reduce the chance of keep doing it, by education and a maintenance appointment service where you can see a choice of practitioners.

Your body will do what it can to save energy. If your posture is under pressure (ex: sitting at a computer), over time your body will glue muscles and joints together with scar tissue to save the energy of muscular contraction.

To free a joint and get it moving properly, a practitioner may use a High Velocity Thrust (HVT) to free off the scar tissue adhesion. The cracking noise is caused by an air bubble forming in the vacuum; it is not bones crunching. This technique can reset the tone of the muscle as well as freeing off a trapped nerve.

Sometimes you won’t hear a cavitation noise, as the body is congested, but as long as the joint gains more movement, you are heading in the right direction.

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