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Established in 2011 to provide a multidisciplinary patient centred approach providing a complete service for patients rather than just the treatment of a condition. North Notts Health is run by Matt Walster a registered Osteomyologist with a lot of success in addressing more complex patients whose pain could be considered to have a psychosomatic component, linked with stress and anxiety rather than solely bio mechanical.

We focus on returning the body to its optimal condition using realignment of the muscular skeletal system, address the lymphatic and autonomic systems of the body. It is thought by many practitioners that the body wants to mend itself; but when in a state of injury, it needs to be realigned to allow this to happen. In very simple terms you would need to put a broken bone back into alignment for it to mend properly.

We use a wide variety of techniques to achieve a full return to fitness. As many of our practitioners are degree level qualified, or have done safety training, you can be assured that, should a referral be in your best interest, that is what we will recommend.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We provide a range of effective treatments to help enable you to live life to the full, including:

Dealing with things like:

Emergency mobile appointments are available on request, evening & weekend appointments available and half or full day day sessions for teams & events. Please Contact us for full details.


A few words from clients.

  • I'd had really stiff neck pain on and off for longer than I care to remember. My husband insisted I pay a visit to Matt. He spotted an issue with my pelvis which was apparently something caused at childbirth some 14yrs earlier. This in turn was affecting my lower back and spreading up to my neck. Within a couple of sessions Matt had put things right and following his guidance I've not had any noticable neck pain since. He immediately put me at ease and I felt very safe in letting him treat me. The results have made such a difference! Thanks Matt.

    Andrea Grout, Retford

  • I went see Matt after the unexpected comeback of a past back issue. This was a major concern as I'd just started a 10 week plan with a personal trainer. After one treatment session and a few days following his advice I was able to get back into training and was much better.

    A few weeks later I had a problem with my right calf muscle which made it difficult to walk and tackle stairs. A visit to a sports therapist didn't shift it but a visit to Matt did. I have since recommended him to a number of people and will continue to do so, as I highly value his expertise. He's also a great guy to get on with.

    Neil Duckmanton, Retford

  • I have had hair removal treatments with both Matt and Anita and highly recommend them both! It actually works! (And they are both lovely people!) Very happy and will keep coming back to them to try new treatments.

    Katy Read

  • Matt provides a first class service. He knows what's wrong and provides numerous therapies to fix you along with great advice. He's also a luvli man and always has a smile and banter to make you feel at ease. Have recommended to lots of satisfied clients and Would recommend to everyone!

    Angela Davison

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